Jan 14, 2008

My Best Scrapbooking Memory

Do you have any great memories about scrapbooking? I do! In May of 2000, my family moved across the country to Mishawaka, Indiana for a year-long adventure so my husband could get his MBA at Notre Dame. We went from a 4 bedroom home to a 2 bedroom apartment and took very little with us. There was very little cleaning to be done and my boys were just toddlers so they took a two hour nap each day. I took all my scrapbook stuff with me and spent the full nap time scrapping each day. I had my computer on one wall (for journaling) and my scrapbook desk on the opposite wall. I would just roll back and forth between the two. I probably did 5+ layouts every day. And, with the adventure we were on - having never lived in Indiana or been to Chicago or the beautiful Notre Dame campus, every day was a photo opportunity.

It was probably my "high point" for scrapping. I never scrapped as often or as long as I did from May 2000 to May 2001. Then we moved back to Seattle and within a few months, I started ScrapBiz!

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