Jan 25, 2008

New Weekly Feature for ScrapBiz Members

Today we started sending out an email to all ScrapBiz members called "This Week At ScrapBiz". It will highlight some of the hot topics and cool resources that were added the previous week. It will help our members keep up with our very active member "Clubhouse".

This inaugural email featured a discussion we had about business disasters (yes, we've had them!). Most of the members confessed that when they joined
ScrapBiz, they got too excited about everything they had access to and they OVER-ORDERED products without having a plan to sell them. One person ordered the entire Magenta paper line (Remember them? They were HOT about 5 years ago) and it took her years to get rid of it all. We were able to share, laugh and learn from one another what NOT to do!

We also featured the January issue of ScrapBizness - our members-only monthly newsletter. It had some great stuff in it this month thanks to our contributing writers.

And finally, we featured an outside article about taking your business through a recession. It offered some great suggestions about marketing yourself to create growth in any economic climate.

If you would like to have access to these types of resources for your business - whether you are ready to start one or you already own one - then join us! There's always room for more ideas, more discussion, more questions and more friends!

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