Jan 17, 2008

Super Secret (SS) Scrapbooking Cult Video

They tried to suppress this video from ever being shown. I hear a lawsuit has been filed to force this off the internet. It exposes the deepest, darkest secrets of a celebrity who has fallen victim to the dark side. But, I am going to bravely show it here because I believe we need to know what Cathy is REALLY up to... ;-)


Anonymous said...


Pieces of me said...

Well I see anonymous is a brave soul.
I think the video was very funny.
Check this one out Kim you will like it I think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHzsmCm_3Bs
Funny and scrap related, sorry you have to copy and paste.

Pieces of me said...

OK I see that didn't work.
When you get to you tube search for:
Eric "The Scrappin' Rapper
It's the only one that comes up.
Sorry about that.

Kim Guymon said...

Very funny, Rose!

And, I always figured if you had something to say that you should be brave enough to put your name on your opinion or else keep your mouth closed.