Feb 25, 2008

Sunless in Seattle

I was looking at my photos from our California trip and they are all so beautiful. Then I realized that it's the natural light. There is an abundance of it in California!

I think people who live in the NW should get a pass when it comes to photography. Unless I carry around a flash the size of a satellite dish, I'm hardly ever going to get the bright beautiful photos I can get in California. Here's what the same "Dolphin Hello" photo from Seaworld would look like if the Dolphin had the misfortune of living in Seattle (he'd have a wet-suit on, too). The water would be gray and the dolphin would be dull. Oh, and the clouds would be sitting on top of the water. I might as well not take photos from October to July around here. They all have this depressing gray cast to them. I think my 9 year old was right when he said, "Mom, can we move here?" when we got up the morning after arriving in Carlsbad. Even the 9 year old has had enough of being Sunless in Seattle.

I will admit, though, that we do appreciate the sun a bit more here. While there is no place more depressing than Seattle on a rainy day, there is also no place more beautiful when the sun finally does come out!


Focus said...

You are right Kim about the natural light, and photos are all about the light. But you can still get some great photos with the clouds and the rain-you just have to learn to be more creative. You have a very good eye for photography-the best photos at the square dance were the ones that you took! So get out there and start snapping! ;-)

That Girl said...

ahh...that's kinda harsh. lol I love Seattle--especially the sunny days cause we DO appreciate them more. But growing up in the sunny desert (El Paso, TX) trust that there are just as many crazy issues dealing with lots of direct sunlight and harsh shadows with lots of light. Photography is all about light...and absence of it. Agree with the other comment that you have to get a bit more creative, but it can produce amazing results. Love the dolphin photo and "what it would be" in Seattle lol.