Feb 4, 2008

What is scrapping???

Today, I got someone scrapping! He would probably NEVER say, "I am a scrapbooker" because he's a Vet and owns guns - totally not cool to say that when you also own guns - LOL! He's a photographer with a KILLER new camera (his wife loves him). He asked me if I knew where he could make books of his photos - to possibly sell. I sent him to LuLu and this evening, he's working on a photo book. He's scrapbooking (shhhh, we won't tell anyone, though).

So, what IS scrapbooking? Is it JUST putting photos on colorful card stock and decorating with flowers, tags and stickers that you then slip into an album? Or is it also making a photo book - simple or complex (in more of a digital scrapping style)? I would say it's both. It's anything that preserves your photos and memories.

So, how do we cater to those people who will never glue a photo to a piece of card stock? Most of us traditional scrappers love the craftiness of traditional scrapbooking. The craft part is a good thing, it's fueled the industry for 10 years. But, it begs to be asked; how many people are out there like this new *ahem* "scrapper" (for lack of a more manly word) with have photos they want to do something cool with? And how can we (the industry) tap into those people in a profitable way? Food for thought...

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