Mar 6, 2008

Easter Photo Tips

Easter comes really early this year! It's a great time to take photos! I love SPRING!

Don't forget:
  • Photos while dyeing eggs
  • photos of your girls picking out Easter dresses
  • photos of your family in their Easter finery
  • photos of your Easter dinner
  • photos of the egg hunt
  • with the Easter Bunny
  • photos of the Easter Baskets
  • your kids with their Easter Baskets
  • the beautiful flowers of Spring
The Easter Bunny comes to our house on Saturday morning so as to not interfere with Easter Sunday and the true reason we celebrate Easter. I also don't have to drag the boys away from their Easter goodies and off to church. They can dig through the candy and small gifts all day on Saturday. The Easter Bunny usually brings Legos. We'll see if that tradition continues. I think I'll get one more year of EB coming and then the jig will be up.

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