Mar 24, 2008

From the Photo Industry

A friend gave me a subscription to Popular Photography magazine. I'll admit, it never occured to me to ever read a photography magazine. I, too, have been guilty of not completely understanding how integrated photography is in our scrapbook universe. I'm still not anywhere near the level of a true photography buff (although my friend told me when she went to pick up the photos I took at her daughter's wedding at Costco that they had written "Copyright?" across her envelope and asked her if she had the right to print the photos!). But, I found some interesting stuff in the magazine. There were several How-To articles about cleaning up your photos in PhotoShop and staging better photos, too.

Here are just a few tidbits I discovered:

If you're really interested in taking better photos or have discovered, through scrapbooking, that you really LIKE taking photos, pick up a copy of a photo magazine or thumb through one at the local library. It's not all about the professional photographer, it's about people like us just trying to take better photos!

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