Apr 22, 2008

Coming Soon - a Scrapbook TV Show

Extreme Makeover meets the Scrapbook Industry! LINK to a tv series now in development that showcases the lives of deserving families. Perhaps we could refer to it as "Extreme Makeover - Memory Edition".

The show is being developed by my friend, Dennis Conforto of the SMART Group. I know he's been working hard to bring to to reality.

I would love to see Stacy Julian host the show (one of this industry's NICE people). She's just so smiley and happy. You need someone like that! Sort of a Page Davis from Trading Spaces person.

It will be interesting to watch the development of it. It could be as big for the scrapbook industry as other shows are for the home-improvement industry as people see how they can preserve their photos through scrapbooking.

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