Apr 28, 2008

National Scrapbook Day and National Photo Month

National Scrapbook Day is this coming Saturday. Actually, though, it seems to be turning into National Scrapbook Month. Actually, I'd take that one step further and call it INTERNATIONAL Scrapbook Month. Scrapbooking is a hobby practiced around the world by women (and men) interested in preserving family photos and the stories behind them. It's interesting to me that May is also National Photo Month sponsored by the Photo Marketing Association International. It makes sense to me for retailers in the scrapbook industry to promote National Photo Month along with National Scrapbook Day (Month). Afterall, photos are the reason most of us scrap.

Along side the regular National Scrapbook Day activities, you could add classes on taking great photos, backing up digital photos, using photo editing software, making digital books, etc. You could also carry a line of camera bags from fun companies such as Jill-E. You could have a photo contest along with your layout contest. Partner with a local photographer and have a picture party in your store where scrappers can bring their kids for a 15-minute photo session with a professional photographer. There are all sorts of complimentary activities you could add that would make sense and stretch the celebration of all things scrapbooking through the entire month.

Contrast this with National Craft Month sponsored by The Craft and Hobby Association. It's in March and, frankly, I have never seen or heard of a scrapbook store who even cared let alone promoted it. Their national spokesperson is a crafter, not a scrapbooker. Most scrapbook businesses don't consider themselves a craft retailer anymore than a model train/hobby store does. We are a specialty hobby and the Craft Month promotions simply don't apply. I've always been sort of puzzled when March rolls around the the National Craft Month promotions from CHA start hitting my email box. It doesn't apply to us.

But, National Photo Month is something we can and should embrace. There is lots of cross-over into the scrapbook industry.

Later this week I will post some National Scrapbook Day sales that ScrapBiz members are having . Check back for some great deals!

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