May 1, 2008

Newbies Rock!!

I am having a crop at my house tomorrow night. It's not really in honor of National Scrapbook Day (although check back later today or tomorrow for a list of ScrapBiz members who are having NSD sales!) It's just my monthly church group crop. The mix of people seems to be constantly changing. Some can come one month while others can come the next month.

Tomorrow, I've got two new scrappers coming. Both are newish moms with a baby and a toddler. Both have the basic supplies but both need the motivation or validation to get started. So, they are going to haul their stuff to my house tomorrow night and I'm going to get them started.

Scrapping won't die as long as there are women having children. I would venture to say that these two women are exactly the women that retailers should be courting into the industry. They probably took a ton of photos of their first child but never really did anything with them and figured they would decide what to do later on.

Then they had another child and after a few months of adjustment, they are into the groove of being a mother of two. They have discovered they are less mobile with TWO kids to get in and out of the car. They also usually have a couple of hours of nap time available to them each day that becomes precious "me time". They are also feeling the need to do something with the photos from child #1 as they see the photos from child #2 piling on top. And, they have a strong desire to accomplish something every day besides changing diapers and picking up toys. It can be frustrating to end the day in the same cluttered state that you started it in. I always tell young mothers to do something "permanent" EVERY DAY that they can see real progress in when they go to bed at night. Scrapbooking can be that thing.

So, where can you find these young mothers who are ready to start preserving the stories of their childrens' lives? Children's play gyms? Daycare? Mommy and Me Groups? We need to find these moms and extend an invitation to them to join us. Bringing new scrappers like these two into the industry is vital to our continued growth.

And, for me personally, it's just FUN to teach women how to find their scrapping style! I can't wait to see their very first pages!!!

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Musicmom-Amy said...

You should take a picture and ask if you can post them! Have a great time!!