Jun 13, 2008

I've got SKILLS!

I love the part of Napoleon Dynamite where he talks about all his "skills". Well, I've got SKILLS, too.
  • Copying skills
  • Paper cutter skills
  • Stapling skills
  • Glue stick skills
  • Laminating skills
  • Die cutting skills
I finished up using my skills for the benefit of my son's 3rd grade teacher. Every year, I offer myself up as the "Copy Mom" to the teachers and they do a little dance of joy. Teachers have a LOT copying, laminating, stapling, sorting, etc. to do each week and it takes a lot of their time if they don't have someone who will do it. Most parents would rather listen to the kids read, but not me. I'd rather stand at the copier. Today, I cut over 300 4x3 inch squares of paper so the teacher could make books for the kids for an end of the year gift (mine are still in school for another week).

I am wicked with the giant paper cutter. I flip and cut like there's no tomorrow. Sometimes I draw a crowd because others are amazed at how fast I can work the paper cutter (and not cut my fingers off). And, with very little waste I might add. Scrappers are great at using every single little piece we possibly can. I cringe when I see people plan poorly and waste big chunks of paper.

Usually, the teacher will hand me a big stack of something and say, "You probably won't get this done today" (I'm only there an hour) and it's like a challenge to me! When I come back with it all done in 40 minutes, she's always amazed!

Scrappers make GREAT Copy Moms! We've got the skills to get the job done! I have a whole string of teachers at the school that my kids have had in the past who tell me they miss me and my skills.

But, I'm glad to get the summer off! I can't wait to see who I get to offer my "Skills" to next Fall!


Sandra @ The Memory Workshop said...

LOL! I am *so* the copy mom too. I volunteer in the library instead of the classroom. I could check books in and reshelve them all day.

Musicmom-Amy said...

HIGH FIVE to copy Mom's!! We ROCK!!! Enjoy it, once they get into 6th grade that copy machine and paper cutter at the school have limited access to us :D

Tessa said...

I want a copy mom! I am a kindergarten teacher and totally could use a copy mom!