Jun 30, 2008

A Mompreneur Story: Artwork and PhotoBooks

I love a good story about a mom who creates a business out of an idea to make other mom's lives easier. Meet Jen Chaky. I first read about her in PMA magazine. As I was cleaning out my scrap studio today, I found the May magazine and then found the article on line. This is a great idea! I love that she's using her photography and publishing skills to make these wonderful keepsakes. And, I love the idea that modern technology has made it possible for ANYONE to publish their very own book!

You can visit her site HERE. It's better than my idea to Scan their artwork. I love the professional photographs (which were shown in the PMA magazine article) of all the little clay projects that come home.

I really need to get going on the artwork. It's slowed down as my kids have gotten older, but much of it sits in a drawer waiting to be dealt with. I think that Jen has inspired me to get it done this summer!

Anyway, great idea from a Mompreneur!

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