Jun 25, 2008

Scrapbook Businesses and Google Maps

This time of year, there always seems to be a lot of questions on various message boards about the "must see" LSS's to hit while on vacation. Did you know that Google Maps is an EXCELLENT place to find local stores?

Below is a map of the Seattle area with some of the scrapbook businesses listed. Click on the link below the map and it will take you to the bigger map with hundreds of stores and businesses in this area. Some even have reviews and ratings as well as hours, photos and even COUPONS listed! If you stop somewhere you find on the map and love it, go back and write a review. I know the owner (and other scrappers) will appreciate it!

Just be sure to check the store's website or call to make sure the store is still around. And, you may find some home-based businesses so it might be a good idea to do the Satellite view to see if it's in a business district or a neighborhood.

Happy Shopping!

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jill said...

I use google maps all the time!

Anonymous said...

I used Google Maps on a recent trip to Dallas. First I searched online for stores, then plotted them on Google maps, so when I started driving I had a good plan of where to go when.

Anonymous said...

Kim - this is a great idea for all of us little business owners! Thanks for sharing!