Jul 25, 2008

Craftrends Magazine Dumps their Printing Press

I noticed in the latest edition of Craftrends Magazine the other day that publisher Bill Gardner announced that this would be the last printed edition of the magazine. Instead of being published 6 times a year, it would come out in an email newsletter edition monthly. He cited the lack of ad revenue as a major factor in their decision. They already dumped their short-lived Memory Trends magazine last year.

I HAVE noticed that industry trade magazines have gotten quite a bit thinner lately. At least one of them begs for ads before each edition is published. My gut tells me that we'll see others fold completely or go to the email format in the next year. Many of the ads in the magazines are the bigger manufacturers in the industry. It's not that they have closed, but that they aren't doing their typical multi-page spreads anymore. There is definitely a noticeable lack of smaller ads in the magazines now. Many of those companies just don't spend the money for the ads.

I will miss the print edition of Craftrends. It's a great magazine that always has some good insight. I hope that the electronic version will continue to provide good information for industry businesses.

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