Aug 6, 2008

Great Review of Rocket Life

I thought this was a great review of the Rocket Life Photobook software. Truly, this a great program to create your books ! It's not just a place that you upload your digital scrapbook pages to have printed into a book. It's a creativity solution wherein you can easily create pages using their themes and embellishments or by uploading and using your own.

  • LINK to my previous posts about Rocket Life (including some cute product photos)
  • LINK to the plug in to start creating your own products

Give them a try - their software is awesome! If you're unsure of starting out with a book, try the key tag or luggage tag! It will give you a feel for their program and you'll get a TOTALLY CUTE thing that everyone will want!

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

I so want to give this a try. Maybe someday... when they have a Mac format!