Aug 29, 2008

Photo Book Industry Growing - and here's PROOF!

A few days ago, I posted my press release for the launch of the ScrapBiz Photobook Biz program.

Some may be questioning why I, someone who has been so heavily involved in the traditional side of the scrapbook industry, would be wading into the digital photo book side. Well, it's a matter of moving forward. I am NOT abandoning the traditional "hands-on" side of the industry. But, rather, I am looking to the future and trying to stay ahead of the curve.

ScrapBiz was innovative in it's approach to helping women set up traditional scrapbook retail businesses out of their homes - something we STILL do and will never stop doing. We are trying to now be a cutting edge "early adopter" of industry growth and change by presenting the same opportunity to women wanting to start a photo book business. We believe these two opportunities are complimentary.

The photo book industry is growing faster than the traditional scrapbook industry ever did. According to research from the Photo Marketing Assocation, by the end of 2008, it is projected that 10% of U.S. households will have made a photo book. Scrapbook industry research commissioned by PMA states that only about 4% of U.S. households have done traditional scrapbooking. Already, they have dwarfed the the traditional industry. Of course, photo book enthusiasts come from all walks of life - men, photographers, women, moms, businesses, etc. So, the photo book industry started out with a bigger pool of potential customers.

But, that being said, here is an indicator of how quickly that technology is growing. This is from this morning's PMA Newsline:

Reischling Press Inc. (RPI), Seattle, Wash., a leader in customized manufacturing and fulfillment for the print-on-demand market, doubled its manufacturing floor space to meet increased orders for personalized products such as greeting cards, photo books, and calendars. By adding 30,000 square feet and reconfiguring the physical workflow in the factory to incorporate lean manufacturing principles, RPI says it has increased its ability to meet its partners' tight timelines and still achieve a 99 percent accuracy rate. Now occupying 58,000 square feet of manufacturing space, RPI is the largest digital printer on the West Coast, operating 22 digital presses capable of generating more than 20 million pages of high quality color output per month.

I visited RPI's new facility about 18 months ago. At the time, it wasn't completely full, yet. They still had some room to grow. Now, they have doubled in size. They print for some big names in the industry and their quality is FANTASTIC! They are emerging as the leader in the photo book industry - and rightfully so.

But, the bigger story here is that within about 18 months, this company has DOUBLED in size. That says a lot about the growth. I want to have a piece of that. Do you?

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