Sep 24, 2008

Add a little excitement

A grocery store- not very exciting, is it? Well, my local Albertson's mixed it up a bit and managed to at least interest me. They remodeled. Now it feels like a "Spa" Grocery Store - all calming with hanging lights and interesting, warm flooring.

But, then they added a whole aisle of International Foods! Now that caught my attention! I can get British, Polish, German and Indian products now. We're not talking as in "here's some Ragu - we're calling this the 'Italian section'." I'm talking, "here are some jars of stuff straight off the shelf in India!" I can buy interesting curry sauces from India, real German red cabbage with Apples and Golden Syrup from England. That's cool because once in a while, I want something completely different!

Then, they added a "Chippery". They are now making fresh potato chips right in the store. I'm not much of a potato chip person, but these chips are GOOD! Yes, you pay more, but when have you ever had a potato chip that was made 3 minutes earlier? Talk about FRESH!

I'm not likely to fill my cart with Polish food every time I'm in there and I will probably only buy the fresh potato chips once in a while. But, the point is that the stale, boring grocery store added some new products and services that made me sit up and take notice. Another local store added a "nut bar" with all sorts of roasted nuts and still another added an olive bar with a large variety of olives.

Adding unexpected products and services can delight your customers. They will see that you are committed to "keeping up" with the changing times. Not every customer will want fresh roasted nuts, but every customer will take note of the fact that it's there and it's a new idea!

The face of retail has changed in the last 5 years. Customers want more options. Scrapbook retailers should look at their stores and think about ways to add more options in the way of products and services. Adding technology such as scanning services or digital scrapbooking programs that make financial sense can be a way to tell your customers that, "Hey! We're keeping up with the times and we're committed to offering you more!"

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