Sep 27, 2008


One of the really great things about being part of a business networking group like ScrapBiz is being with people who understand your successes - no matter how small.

I always say that a blizzard begins with just a few flakes falling from the sky. Any little success along the way will contribute to your own personal business blizzard over time. Sometimes spouses and friends just don't get why we're SO EXCITED that someone signed up to receive our email newsletter or that someone we DON'T know placed an order on our site. At ScrapBiz, we "get it" and can do the happy dance right along side you.

But, every Tuesday at ScrapBiz, we celebrate those TOOTS - big and small. Tuesday is known as "TOOTSday" at ScrapBiz! Of course, people are free to share their great news all week, too, but TOOTSday is my FAVORITE day of the week because the good news flows all day long.

Running your business can be lonely without a supportive network of like-minded business owners who get that even those little flakes of success can be a big deal. Join us if you'd like to be applauded for your own little successes!

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Remember When Creations said...

Kim is right - a business support network is absolutely essential in the business world. To have a network of other scrapbooking businesses has been invaluable to me - I have learned so much from these ladies. Kim runs an outstanding service to us & it is so inexpensive and worth every darn penny.

If you are hesitating - don't! Sign up today.

- Jan Foselli