Sep 9, 2008

Death with Dignity...

Since my post yesterday about the store owner who is desperately begging customers for cash and used goods to stay open, I have reflected on how many "we're closing" messages I have seen over the years.

Let me just say that "Death with Dignity" is a noble thing not practiced often enough in the scrapbook industry. Perhaps it's because those who refuse to go down without a 1000 word "woe is me and shame on your for not shopping more often" email message to all their customers, lacked the skills to run a store in the first place. They made business personal. You can't do that and retain your dignity and professionalism.

One recent story I heard about a struggling store contained this exchange with a customer, "Please don't use your credit card - it costs me too much in fees." The customer only had a credit card and pressed to use it anyway. Another person blurted out, "At least you could OFFER TO PAY THE FEES!"

There have been other shocking ploys to stay in business that I have seen - all of them just looked ridiculous and desperate. Not every store closes with such drama and "flair". Many of them just quietly liquidate and close as professionally as possible.

It's sad when any store closes their doors. But it's even sadder when an owner feels the need to whine, beg, plead, complain and blame as they lock the doors for the last time.

Sometimes you just need to put on your big girl panties and suck it up and deal with it. Business is hard and you have to have a thick skin to deal with it. It's not always fun and games. Your customers don't owe you survival and you have no right to succeed. Those are the hard facts of the business world.

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