Sep 4, 2008

Guess How Old We Are????

It was SIX years ago this month that ScrapBiz was born! It was a totally new concept in the scrapbook industry that a HOME-BASED BUSINESS could be a legitimate business! At the time, Direct Sales Companies (most of whom have come and gone since then) were about the only way a woman could have a scrapbook business from home. We had to beg and plead to get many manufacturers to sell to our members. I got my head pinched off by my first contact at my first CHA Winter show for even being able to GET INTO THE SHOW (thanks, Scrapbook Sally!). There was still an attitude that the only good business was one in a store. There were a FEW online stores but not tons of them and actual bricks and mortar stores were still in that "if you build it, they will come" mode.

The industry was just on the cusp of starting to crank out huge volumes of products. 12x12 was really just starting to be THE size of choice for the majority of scrappers (I still mourn the loss of my beloved 8 1/2 x 11 papers). Digital scrapbooking was a dream for most. It was there, but on the fringes - almost an "underground" movement.

In that six years, we have watched the industry go to the highest high down to where we are now. But we're up for the challenge! There have been LOTS of changes and ScrapBiz has tried to keep up with changes in the industry by getting to know the photo industry through PMA and introducing a new PhotobookBiz option this month.

We have several members who have been with us since the first month! It has been exciting to watch businesses be born and grow at ScrapBiz. It never gets old and I look forward to further involvement in shaping the future of our industry!

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Remember When Creations said...

Congratulations, Kim, on 6 years in business! Each year is a milestone, and I am definitely glad you took the plunge to start this business!

Here's to many more!

- Jan
Remember When Creations