Dec 3, 2008

Is it cRaZy to start a business now?

I have heard some people say that it's crazy to start a scrapbook business in a recession. Really, it's never a bad time to start a business.

Yesterday, our government declared that the economy has been in a recession since December 2007. According to statistics, the recessions of the past 50 years have averaged 11 months in length. If we've already been in a recession for a year... well, do the math. While this one might last a little longer than average, most people are predicting that by Spring, we'll be swinging up again.

Also, scrapbooking is not going away. Several ScrapBiz members have commented that at their events and with their businesses, customers don't seem to notice there's a recession. They are continuing to offer great selection and exceptional service to their customers and their customers are staying loyal to them.

No business is an overnight success. It takes time to build one. Time is on your side right now. It's the PERFECT time to purchase the ScrapBiz Business Start-Up Package and get working on your dream!

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Sandra @ The Memory Workshop said...

Recession? What recession??? I'll be vending at 20+ weekend retreats over the next 2 years, and half are already sold out.

Many people have money to spend, but they're more conscious about value. Give them a value-added reason to visit YOU over the competitor.