Dec 13, 2008

Not Exactly a Scrapbook Craft

But crafty still the same. I made this wreath probably 15 years ago. It's a green wire wreath frame from the craft store and then just random pieces of fabric in Christmas colors torn in strips and knotted around the frame. I STILL love this cute little wreath. I pull it from the box every year and give it a hard shake and it comes back to life. It was literally made from scraps so I guess it's a scrap wreath!


Remember When Creations said...

That's adorable!

KIZER and BENDER said...

I have wreath that's very similar to yours. My son made it with scraps of fabric and a coat hanger in a craft class when he was just three years old. It's hung in a place of honor in our kitchen for almost 17 years!