Sep 15, 2010

PTA Fundraiser Idea

I know that many Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) and Booster clubs (band boosters, etc) look for no-brainer, no-work ways to raise funds that work for families. I know my kids have sold their share of donuts, chocolate, wrapping paper and Entertainment books. But, those usually mean lots of work behind the scenes placing and sorting orders. Even eScrip cards are pretty labor intensive. So, lots of groups have turned to things like where they don't have to do anything but direct parents or supporters to a site where they can purchase things they already need or use.

PhotoBooks{etc} has launched a new fundraising opportunity for your non-profit group.  You get your own account to send your supporters to and photobooks will have your group's name and logo on it to remind them they supported a cause important to them.  

  • Do we have to take orders? Nope, it's all done through your site - the customer does it all through the link!
  • Do we have to deliver anything? Nope, we take care of it. The order is shipped directly to the customer's home.
  • Do we have to deal with payments? Nope. The credit card processing is done by US! You just get a check the following month for your sales (less 3% fee for credit card processing)
  • Does it cost our organization anything to join? Yes, it's just $49/year.  You can perhaps get a sponsor to take care of that cost for you.   
  • Do we have to have a website? No, you can pass the link along to your supporters through email or in your newsletter. The link will be a self-contained store they can create and buy from.  You don't need to build a website for it.  
  • How much do we make?  You can set your own prices so you control how much you make.  But, if you leave them at the MSRP, you'll USUALLY make between 20-25% on the photobooks.  Some products will be less (like prints) and some will be more.  It usually averages out in the 20's, though.  Not bad for just sending out a link and encouraging them to choose your site when they make their photo books and gifts.  

Our free photo program is award-winning for ease of use and works nearly like MAGIC! The quality is top-notch and our prices are competitive with other programs like Shutterfly. Photo books are extremely popular ways to print photos and preserve memories and photo products like key tags, mugs, mouse pads, puzzles, etc. make GREAT gifts! Your supporters can even order prints, enlargements and posters at competitive prices and support your organization doing it!

If you have any more questions or you are ready to join and want the link, please email us.  


S said...

It sounds like ScrapBiz is coming up with a good way to fundraise online. GoodSearch is a nice site to fundraise also but I'm not too fond of the fact that it's only a penny here and there for each search. Our group likes the toolbar we downloaded from because it lets searching and shopping earn money for our group and is also pretty effortless, but ScrapBiz sounds interesting too. We'll be sure to check it out :)

Anonymous said...

What a great idea.

Kim said...

The magazine fundraiser came home with my kids yesterday. We refuse to play. Give me something (like photobooks) that I already need/want and that makes a decent profit for the group with little effort. That's why I offer this opportunity.