Dec 9, 2008

What kind of shoppers are your customers?

I think Amazon has a wing in their warehouse where my orders are stored this year. I have dropped a lot of money into their laps. We are Amazombies at our house and usually hit Amazon first when we start shopping.

I don't like shopping at real stores very much. I needed a black skirt a while ago and did NOT enjoy "the hunt" for one. I had to drive to so many stores until I found one I liked. That's why I like Amazon. I'm don't like the hunt - I just want to get in there and get the job done and be gone. I'm a TERRIBLE shopping buddy and a total shopping loner. Maybe that's why I have boys - I have no patience to shop. I had to go shopping with a teenage niece once and wanted to poke my eyes out before the ordeal was over. She tried on EVERYTHING and then had to come out and twirl for me so I could "oohhhh" and "aahhhhh" and tell her it looked good.

So, is your online scrapbook store set up for different types of shoppers? I thought THIS was a great analysis of the different types of shoppers and what they want from you. The way YOU shop isn't the same way your customers will. If they get frustrated by your site, they will move on.

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