Jan 7, 2009

PhotoBook Fundraiser Press Release

Picturing a New Kind of Fundraiser

Non-profits tap into custom photo gift trend with new fund raising option

(EVERETT, WA. January 7, 2009) If you’ve ever bought measuring cups you didn’t need, magazines you don’t read, chocolate that was over-priced or saved labels from soup cans, then you can appreciate the fund raising efforts of non-profit organizations.

As it becomes less socially acceptable to send children out knocking on doors to sell wrapping paper and cookie dough, it becomes more difficult for non-profit groups such as PTA’s and Booster Clubs to raise money. Many have turned to online resources such as shopping sites that give a small percentage of sales back or grocery store affinity cards that pay back every time they’re used. But, they often pay very little so a lot of supporters need to participate to make an impact.

PhotoBooksEtc.com, an online photo book and custom photo product site, announces an easy fund raiser that offers groups 10% back on sales through their club site.

“Many schools and booster clubs I have talked with this year are trying to find low-impact ways to raise money by selling products or making partnerships with companies that families are using anyway,” says Kim Guymon, owner of PhotoBooksEtc.com, “almost everyone has photos that they want to display. Our products are something that nearly everyone will enjoy making and receiving.”

Non-profit groups can request a free account from PhotoBooksEtc.com merely by verifying their 501 c 3 status and providing a contact for the group. A link will be placed on the fundraiser page of the PhotoBooksEtc.com where supporters can go make products. PhotoBooksEtc.com ships the product directly to the customer and then gives 10% profit back to each group for sales made through their link. “All the group has to do is promote their link,” says Guymon, “it’s a no-brainer fundraiser. Everything is done for them; we just need to know where to send the check.”


If you’d like more information on Photobooks{etc} and it’s new fundraising program please email Kim Guymon at Kim@Photobooksetc.com.

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