Feb 9, 2009

Check out ScrapBiz in Scrapbook Business Magazine

You can read a preview of our class on pages 64-66 HERE.

Thank you to PSRO for allowing me to contribute to the article. BTW, my class is filling up and my tour has good group going already. The class is going to be lots of fun! You'll walk away with some fresh ideas and free samples! I've got some great tech ideas rounded up and you'll be able to see products in action that will help you freshen up your scrapbook store if you want to add tech and digital scrapbooking to it! We are taking you WAY BEYOND the tired idea that you should sell digital scrapbook CD's in your store. That's not the way to do it - that's the "I just sell stuff" approach which is SO 20th century. We are taking a different stance that can actually help you be profitable beyond selling a CD of software and never seeing your customers again when they embrace digital. We are going to show you how to reach out to those 21st century scrapbooking customers and help them with their memory preservations needs, too!

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