Mar 13, 2009

Photo Books and {not vs} Scrapbooks

Photo Courtesy of PSRO

I ran across and interesting press release the other day about photo book manufacturer RPI. They are actually in my area and a couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of touring their new facility and learning how the books are made from the printing of the pages right on through to the packaging of the completed books. It was fascinating.

This PRESS RELEASE was interesting and speaks to the rising popularity of photo books. Who wouldn't want 60% annual growth?! According to research done by the Photo Marketing Association, 10% of U.S. households have made custom photo gifts and books. At the end of 2008, it was supposed to be a $389 million dollar a year industry. With the growth that RPI is experiencing, I would say it got there and more. According to that press release, growth in the photo book industry is expected to exceed 25% compounded annually for the next 5 years. Those are some pretty impressive stats!

So what does that mean to scrapbooking? Who knows really. I believe it's already had an impact. Many traditionalists will continue doing what they are doing, but many who have never scrapbooked (like men) will be found at the photo book sites making hard bound books and not scrapbooks with their photos. With photos being largely digital these days, many chose to print them for the first time on the pages of a photo books. It's not a situation where it's photo books VS. scrapbooks and it's not even an "either/or" for most people. I think over time many scrapbookers will do BOTH depending on their need, time, etc.

Photo books were the HOT item and PMA this month. There were tons of companies pitching machines and services for making these books. Some were intended for home use and some were intended for companies like RPI who make tons of these. It was fascinating to watch the demos. And, there was no shortage of people watching. It's obviously something on everyone's mind.

So, that brings me to the photo at the top of the page. It's me, my friend, Karen Crisp of F+W Publications and Rocket Life President, Daniel Kaye, listening to him do a demonstration of the Rocket Life software for Karen. It was so fun to listen to him demonstrate his "baby" for us! It reminded me of why I partnered with them to bring PhotoBookBiz to the industry! It's a great program with great products run by great people and offers retailers great features!!! And, it's only $49 annually to be part of the program and get your own unique store.

Features of the PhotoBookBiz program include:

  • Your own unique Rocket Life software platform
  • Your own private brand - YOUR logo goes on the products and packaging
  • You set your own prices above wholesale
  • Rocket Life provides customer service contacts for customers during the creative process
  • Rocket Life processes credit cards FOR YOU
  • Rocket Life collects and pays the sales tax
  • Rocket Life drop-ships the orders right to your customers
  • More books sizes and styles than just about any other program out there
  • Average 20% commission on products (some higher, some lower and depending on your price)

It's probably one of the easiest businesses to set up and get going on. Within minutes of paying for your site, you will have your link. Set your prices, add your logo and start sharing your link!

You can place your link on your exisiting business website and add photo books and custom products very quickly to tap into the growing popularity of them. Or, you can purchase a website template from PhotoBookBiz at a discounted price. Then all you need is a fun domain and a place to host the site.

PhotoBookBiz is a great opportunity to take advantage of this explosive new way to share your memories.

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