Apr 8, 2009

How Much Moola {$} Can I Make with PhotoBookBiz?

One of the top questions I get about PhotoBookBiz is "How much will I make?" Well, that's not an easy question because the products all have different profit margins. But, above is a chart (click to enlarge) with a few of the most popular products from prints to lay-flat photo books. The average profit margin on this products is 23% but that can be more or less depending on where you set your prices. These prices are assuming MSRP, but, as I said, you have the ability to set your OWN prices.

Things to remember about this fantastic program:
  • It's only $49 a year to join
  • You don't ship anything to anyone
  • You don't stock any products
  • You don't have to process credit cards
  • Customer service questions and technical issues are handled by Rocket Life
  • You can set your own prices
  • You can offer your own unique sales
  • The feature-rich software is customer-approved and award winning for it's innovation and ease-of-use
PhotoBookBiz is a GREAT way to tap into digital scrapbooking without risk or investment. As fast as you can sign up, you can be in business. CLICK HERE for information or to sign up!

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