Apr 20, 2009

One Day Retailer Event

The Creative Leisure News had a bit yesterday about a great opportunity for retailers who are in the area of GASC. I knew this was being planned and I'm glad it came together.

If you are a retailer in the Arlington area and plan on attendting GASC, you can't go wrong by attending this one day special event just for you! Tamara and Beth will surely have some fabulous classes to share with you!

SEMINARS. F+W Publications is sponsoring the Great American Retail Conference in Arlington, TX on June 3, the day before the Great American Scrapbook Convention. The one-day seminar will be presented by Beth Mauro, former editor of Scrapbook Retailer and CNA, and author/retail consultant Tamara Lipori. Sessions will address trends and strategies for generating store traffic during a tough economy. For info, email Beth at beth.mauro@fwmedia.com. For info on the Convention, visit www.greatamericanscrapbook.com.

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