Oct 8, 2009

I Wear Your Shirt Guy Scraps!

I Wear Your Shirt Guy scraps for the very first time ever (and I'd say not the last time - he really seemed to be enjoying himself). October 7 was sponsored by my friend, Sandra, of The Memory Workshop in British Columbia.  Her kits are SO GOOD! 

It was funny when he was doing his live video later and making another page, a bunch of us were on the chat giving him directions on how to do it.   When he pulled out a Sharpie, we all gasped!  We also got a good laugh when he stuck a random radish sticker on his page.  After he was done with his page, he made a card.  He couldn't stop scrapping!  He was blowing through the adhesive like there was no tomorrow by coating the back of everything.  It was really funny.  What a good sport he was and a what a smart business owner Sandra is.  Enjoy the video!

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