May 22, 2012

Tuning it up!

As of this Fall, the main ScrapBiz site will be finally shut down after having discontinued memberships a couple of years ago and the domain will be directed to this blog.  I'm going to leave this blog up and MAYBE occasionally update it with whatever interests me and relates to owning a small business.  I'm not as much involved in the scrapbook industry itself anymore, but I am still interested in the success of small businesses.  

So, I tuned up the blog a bit.  I will leave this info here for all to read.  Some of it is out-dated but much of it is still very relevant.  I still get inquiries from time to time about the ScrapBiz Start-Up Guide and membership so I know there is still interest out there for information on starting and running a scrapbook business.  Someone even asked me last winter if I had re-opened.  Sadly, no.  There just wasn't enough interest to sustain a business there anymore and so I made the decision to move on.  

But, feel free to pick through the info here.  You'll probably find something you can use!  


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scrap business said...

i don't know who left this non sense comment. It should be removed fro here.
Scrap business is getting popular day by day. I think over education is making them believe that this is very easy business ;) which is not.
Everyone is trying to start there own but it will not last for long. It requires hard work to stay in the industry

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