Jun 22, 2005

Anyone got a letter stamp? I need a big "L"

as in LOSER! I went to my church's women's group last night and they were making scripture bookmarks. The women in charge are big-time stamp maniacs so they brought all their stamp stuff. Most people think that scrappers are also stampers. I find that while stampers will usually also scrap, not as many scrappers also stamp. In my mind, if I started stamping, it would just mean another purchasing addiction. I DO have a few stamps - some letter stamps, some flowers, a couple of general card sentiments - all very general stuff. But, I find that I use them mainly for heat-embossing.

Anyway, so, some in the group make a big deal about wanting to see what KIM makes because she's the Scrapbook QUEEN. That brought a lot of questions from others about why they should be so interested in what I make (I don't talk about my biz at church so a lot of them don't know). So, THREE stinking torn-up and thrown away bookmarks later, I finally manage to lamely stamp cute little daisies all over ONE before I head out the door. UGH! I'll just admit it here... I CAN'T STAMP! If it was acceptable to also ink up the edges of the rubber and have that in the stamped image, I would be a master-stamper. But, I can't color them with pens very well and I can't ink them with a pad and I certainly can't get the image to the paper without smearing or stamping some edge of the rubber.

But, boy, if they had brought punches, brads and some cardstock, I could have been a contender...

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