Jun 25, 2005

I purged the stash

I did it. I finally got up the courage to let go! I am so proud of myself! I had this file box of scrapbook papers, stickers, and diecuts that had been sitting in the same spot of my scrapbook - untouched - for probably 3 years. It was stuff that I bought probably 7 years ago. It's outdated, the stickers are on *gasp* WHITE sticker stock so they all have edges that look funky. The paper is "vague" plaids and dots in various colors that I bought from a well-known stamp/scrapbook direct sales company and the cardstock was stuff I bought by the half-ream at an office supply store (can you say "ASTRO BRIGHT"?). The box was the proverbial "elephant in the room". It was big, I tripped over it all the time, but I tried to ignore it and pretend it wasn't there. There is a LOT of stuff in there that I WISHED I was going to use, but knew that I really wasn't.

So, I decided I HAD to deal with it. I went through it yesterday afternoon and PURGED! It was sort of the same feeling I had the first time I cropped junk out of a photo. It was really hard to do, but felt so goooooood at the same time. It was very liberating to finally decide that I wasn't ever going to use that stuff and that I COULD part with it and survive. I purged probably 90% of it and had a HUGE pile. My dh practically CHEERED when he saw the pile I was purging. Even HE knew it was past time. Of course, what he DOESN'T realize is that now I have more space... shhhhhhh.... :-)

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