Jun 10, 2005

How do you scrap a firefly?

I was reading a book about bugs to my 6 year old the other night and I was reminded of Fireflies. It's June and I envy all of you who live in the part of the country with Fireflies. For some unknown reason, they do not come much farther west than Kansas. I did not see my first firefly until I was in my 30's and we moved to Mishawaka, IN so my husband could get his MBA at Notre Dame (Go Irish!). We arrived in May and left the following May. The first warm June evening that I noticed a little light flying around the backyard sent me running outside in my PJs. I got my babies up (they were too small to remember - darn it!) and we went outside and walked around around the yard marveling at the twinkling, flying lights. They were all through the shrubs - it looked like Christmas.

I tried to take photos, but OF COURSE, they didn't turn out. How do you capture magic on film?

Some of you are probably reading this thinking, "she's nuts, those bugs are nasty!" But, if I could scrap the wonder and the marvel of those June nights, I would in a heartbeat. Those bugs are like magic to those of us who have lived our lives in the West and have never experienced the gentle glow and slow flash of flying Christmas lights.

Not my photo but I liked this!


Anonymous said...

I love your post! I grew in KY and considered this a sign of summer! Only in the South we call them lightnin' bugs! We make up a name for everything! In the summer, it was a pasttime to catch them and put them in a Mason Jar! It's pretty gross to think about as an adult, but we would also make jewelry out of them! I will spare everyone on your board the details and at the risk of being arrested for cruelty to animals!

Kim Guymon said...

My folks came to visit us and my dad put one in a jar and took it back to WA to my niece and nephew. After a 4 day drive, it was still glowing. My niece and nephew were thrilled with it! I think everyone needs to experience those little wonders at least once!

Suzy said...

Hey Kim! I Love reading your blog. I used to live in Indiana also and loved those bugs! We called them lightening bugs also. I wish we had them here in WA!