Jun 13, 2005

Old Magazines

I discovered a pile of old scrapbook magazines the other day. I think I get nearly every one in print so there are tons of them lying around, waiting to be gone through. I try to pull out ideas for my files.

I came across one from 2001 (seems so long ago) and started flipping through the ads in the back. It's amazing to me how many of those companies are no longer in business. There are so many manufacturers and online stores that are now just a memory. I can't imagine how many of the stores in the locator section are gone.

This industry moves so fast! It's like the fashion and music industries - what's here and hot today will be gone tomorrow. And, if you hold on long enough, what was hot yesterday will roll around in a few years and be hot again. Bright colors were all the rage just a few years ago, then the trend moved to muted-tones, then we went through shabby chic, then moved on to "grunge/collage", now we're back to brighter colors. Good thing I didn't throw all my paper away from the last "bright" go around... Maybe I'll be in style again someday (like I worry about that - LOL!)

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