Jun 1, 2005

Memory Trends is coming!

I just got my reservations for Memory Trends in Las Vegas in October. I wanted to get my room early so I could stay where I want/need to. ScrapBiz always has a dinner in my hotel suite with members during Memory Trends. I love it because I get to meet more and more ScrapBizzers face to face. And, it seems like we have more attending each year. I LOVE Memory Trends! It's my favorite show, by far! It's JUST memory crafts and it's so fun to see the new stuff, meet new people, chat with vendors we already work with, and, most exciting of all, see the booths of ScrapBiz members who have developed their OWN products! Last year, we had one member with their own booth - Jan H and her dh, Mike, produce a line of informational DVDs for the scrapbook industry. Also, Alicia B was there with the company she works for - Pazzles - selling the Creative Cutter. It's so cool to see businesses launched and dreams realized! It's the best part about running ScrapBiz! We have the greatest group of supportive and friendly members and I love to get together with them whenever I can!

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Anonymous said...

I'm excited to see that you are blogging. Your business has intrigued me and it will be interesting to read your blog. I've bookmarked it and look forward to it!