Jun 15, 2005

Off-Topic, but my big pet peeve...

It was sunny today, so people were out walking around. It seems like that at every cross-walk, there is a "button banger". You know that person - they don't just push the cross-walk signal button ONCE, they POUND on it over and over again as if pushing it repeatedly would do anything. Can I just say to those people - IT DOESN'T HELP!!!! It doesn't make the signal happen on demand. It doesn't make the green light change to red - it doesn't do anything but tell the cross signal that there is a pedestrian waiting to cross and on the NEXT red-light - it will allow you to cross.

Now, there ARE those odd "middle of the street" crosswalks where pushing the button DOES cause the signal to change. But, for a regular intersection, that button does not hold magical powers to stop traffic for your convenience!

Phwewww, I am SO GLAD to get that off my chest - LOL! Button Bangers look absolutely ridiculous standing on the corner pounding on that button. If you need something to do while you wait, play "The License Plate Game". But, please, stop abusing that poor, innocent button!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming...

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