Jun 15, 2005

Time Freezes only in your brain...

Yesterday, I was in a bookstore and while I was waiting to check out, I noticed a book on the counter called PROM NIGHT. I started flipping through it and chuckled at every page. It was full of vintage Prom photos - most of them from the 70's and 80's. I forgot how dorkey we all looked in our Gunne Sax (c'mon, admit it, you had one!) dresses. I wore TWO over the course of my life - a light blue "Granny" style one and then a pink calico "Little House on the Prairie" one. With the feathered "do" and the braces on my teeth, I was a vision of loveliness - LOL! I tried scrapping some of those photos last year and was completely uninspired. They are almost painful to look at - LOL!

Well, to add insult to injury and to totally confuse the voices in my head, I made the mistake of watching HIT ME BABY, ONE MORE TIME last night. It's a "reality" show where bands from the 80's and 90's come back to sing one of their hits (some only had one) and then later in the show do a "cover" of one of today's hits. The audience gets to choose their favorite and $20,000 goes to the charity of that band's choice. The bands last night were Tiffany (YIKES! She almost fell out of her top!), CeCe Penniston (still looking good), Arrested Development (still love their music), FLOCK OF SEAGULLS and LOVERBOY (that's where the voices in my head got very confused). I don't want to remember the guy in the red leather pants from Loverboy as some fat, balding creepy old man. And the guy from Flock of Seagulls wore a hat to probably cover his bald head. He looks and sang like a garbage man who does Karaoke in the weekends. It was PATHETIC! I felt sorry for him.

I moved our wedding photos (from 18 years ago) upstairs to the hall because I got tired of people looking at them and saying, "Oh wow! Look how young you were!!!!" It totally irritated the voices in my head who tell me on a daily basis that I look exactly the same as I did in the mid-eighties. I guess I'll have to quit watching this show before the voices decide to tell me the truth...

A typical Gunne Sax!

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cosy said...

I LOVED my Gunne Saxs! I can't even count how many I had (may still have somewhere??)!

Thanks for the good laugh! I haven't thought of those in ages.

And I can't watch "Hit Me Baby" either. I rather just remember them the way they were!