Aug 18, 2005

Just got back from a road trip...

We traveled 1600 miles in a van with two wild boys in the back who grew weary of the DVD player in about an hour - UGH! We asked our kids tonight on the way home if they remembered everything they did. They couldn't even name it all. Here's the run-down:

1st Stop: Portland, OR for the Saturday Market, OMSI (what a fun place that is! - we even saw the WIENER MOBILE - a once in a lifetime opportunity!) and a movie
2nd Stop: Northern CA - Avenue of the Giants - the Redwoods are awe-inspiring!
3rd Stop: Reedsport, OR for some Dune Buggy-ing through the Oregon Dunes and along the beach
4th Stop: Mount Saint Helens - the power of nature never ceases to amaze!
5th Stop: Olympia - the WA state Capital (okay, the kids were bored out of their minds - but it was a fast stop)
6th Stop: IKEA in Seattle - an hour in the "ballroom" really wore them out for the day and Mom and Dad got a little "date" in the Cafe for some Swedish Meatballs and apple cake!

And, we are finally home!

May I say that the KINDEST thing a scrapper can do is offer to take a photo for someone! I can't tell you how many times a nice person offered to let our WHOLE FAMILY be in the photo by offering to snap the shot for us. I paid it forward more than once! It really is a nice gesture! I am not in many of our family photos because my dh takes ROTTEN photos so I won't let him take them very often.

Anyway, glad to be home. Now I need to tackle Mount Saint Laundry and all the dozens of emails that came in while I was away!

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