Aug 20, 2005


Why do people get all excited about buying off of QVC when all that arrives is a headache??? QVC couldn't have figured out that letters were missing???? Where is the quality control???? The cost of the headache is too high IMO.

Every time there is a big scrapbook deal on QVC, I see lots of anger and disappointment on various MB's for days afterwards. So, why do people keep doing it? If your LSS gave you such poor service, you would stop shopping there. Just because Lisa B tells you that there's only TWO-HUNDRED LEFT and you have to buy it, doesn't mean you really have to.

Besides, if you buy 5000 pieces at once, how many will you REALLY use? If you calculate the cost of what you use vs. what sits in your stash until you throw it away a year from now, the cost of each USEABLE piece is significantly higher.

Perhaps it's not the bargain we THINK it is.

My mom used to come home from the grocery store with 3 bunches of green onions. How often do you use a green onion? Even as a teenager, I knew that was weird (I did most of the cooking). I asked mom why she would buy THREE bunches of green onions when we just threw away 2 bunches a week later when they got slimy. She said, "They were on sale - 3 bunches for a dollar". I pointed out that she didn't have to actually BUY three bunches. She knew that, but the temptation was too great. So, essentially, rather than paying .33 cents for ONE bunch that we might actually use, she bought all three bunches and when we had to throw the other two away, suddenly the cost of ONE bunch (the one we used) was a dollar. Made no sense to me. But, in her mind - it was all about the "bargain".


Kim Guymon said...

Can you believe it? Some idiot decided to use my comment section for SPAM. IT posted an ad for a stock purchase. Give me a break - these people need to get a life. They are cyber-terrorists!

Rose Jackson said...

I love your comments on this.
I must confess right here that I am one of those that just had to get on the TSV train. It came and yes, it has a ga-zillion pieces all cut out for you. Well guess what the pieces are cut wrong (big surprise I know) there is a 1/8" border around each card I make because someone got the measurements wrong. Yes, I can trim the card or ink the edges of the card but should I have too? I don't think so, I think Lisa B. and Becky H. should be more professional about what they put out there and I won't even comment on the letter stickers.
Also the litle 4x6 album is cheesy, cheesy, cheesy IMO.
So my question is where is the value in the TSV?