Aug 9, 2005

Promos you'll never see a scrapbook company do...

I went to a minor-league baseball game with my family last night. It was a beautiful warm summer night and $1 hotdog and drink night - can't beat a greasy baseball park hot dog! We had a great time! I love minor-league baseball! Nobody hustles faster than those players who KNOW there are scouts in the stands! They work hard!

One of the fun parts about the game is all the between-innings shenanigans! For instance, my boys were the official "Pop Fly" T-shirt winners last night. A guy in a puppet theater suit (POP FLY) stopped us on the way in and made a big deal about the fact that he was glad he found them because THEY were the WINNERS! They got to run onto the field at the end of the first inning and their names were announced to the crowd. They were thrilled! (Did I have my camera? NO! BAD MOMMY!!!! - Luckily a game photographer took their picture and will email it to me!)

Anyway, between some innings, they took a giant sling-shot and flung t-shirts wrapped up like pills into the crowd. They also tossed koosh-balls into the stands the same way. I laughed and told my dh that this would never work for a scrapbook business. Can you imagine flinging, say, Cutter Bee Scissors or Sizzix dies into the crowd this way? You'd kill someone! ("honey, will you pull the Cutter Bees out of my skull?")

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