Aug 6, 2005

Men just don't get it...

Today is our 18th Anniversary. I have to say, I am truly married to my best friend. It has been 18 years of bliss! He is the greatest!

But, he is a man. And, men being men, they often don't "get" things the way we hope they will. On our 12th Anniversary, I decided to do something special for him rather than buying a gift. I went through the journal I was keeping at the time we met and through our courtship and copied meaningful pages that had my feelings about him at the time. I also had the page from the night he proposed to me. I cried as I was reading through the book looking for pages. I lovingly scrapped those copies for him. I imagined him sitting down with them, reading them through and falling in love all over again. I worked my rear off to make those pages extra special.

I wrapped them up and presented him with them. He opened them, flipped through them quickly and said, "Uh, thanks." I don't think he ever even read them. I was really disappointed.

That's okay, though, I still love and adore him... He bought me a diamond anniversary band that year, so maybe he "gets" it more than I think...


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