Oct 12, 2005

MEMORY TRENDS UPDATE: Note to Melody Ross...

of Chatterbox. I sat behind on you the airplane from Las Vegas to Boise yesterday. The airplane wasn't full, but you and Marc sat together with Marc in the center and you by the window. That left the aisle seat open. Of course, someone then plopped down in the aisle seat leaving you crammed with three across. I wanted to pass on a tip about Southwest Airlines that someone gave me years ago.

Next time you get on Southwest - you plop down by the window and have Marc sit on the aisle. Toss some reading material in the seat between you and then bury your heads in a book or magazine. That makes the seat between you look like it's "taken". Besides, unless the plane is full, few people will WANT a middle seat. The fact that you look busy also makes it LESS likely that someone will be bold enough to interrupt to ask if that seat is taken.

If the plane DOES fill up (which this one didn't), and someone does ask about the seat, then one of you can say, "Oh, we're together. We'll slide over" and then you give that person either the aisle or the window while you two slide together. It works for us on every flight that isn't full!

Love the new products...

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