Oct 5, 2005

Annoying Magazine Renewal Notices...

I am on the verge of cancelling all my scrapbook magazine subscriptions (and I get just about every magazine). I am SO TIRED of getting a dozen renewal notices every month. Does this bother anyone else???

I got one yesterday from CK telling me that I better HURRY AND RENEW! TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!! Well, when I scoured the label on my magazine (did you know that most magazine labels tell you the month and year you are due to renew?), I found that I am paid through AUGUST 2006!!!! I don't think I need to HURRY!

Today, I got one from Paper Crafts Magazine. I am paid through Feb 2006 - but I'll miss out on my SPECIAL OFFER RATE if I don't hurry. And, they seem annoyed that they have contacted me FIVE TIMES AND I HAVEN'T RESPONDED!!!! The paper says FIFTH NOTICE!!! THEY'RE ANNOYED?! How about ME??? I'm tired of worrying about it! A couple of days ago, I got one from Simple Scrapbooks. I think that MIGHT be the only one I REALLY need to renew right now.
ATTENTION D. SPAR (the signature on all these renewal notices - they all come from the same place) When my magazines are REALLY due to expire - contact me. But, until then, PLEASE leave me alone!!!!! How many years out do you think they would get me to pay if they could???? If I paid every one of those "bills" that showed up in the mail, I think I'd be paid for all the magazines through about 2012 and they would STILL keep sending those "reminders" to me.


teresa mcfayden said...

lovin your insightful blog! And, I wonder if our magazine subscriptions would be cheaper if they quit sending those things out all the time. Just send 1--maybe 2...not for 4-5 months though!!

Kim Guymon said...

Good point, Teresa! But, by sending out wads of the notices, they keep people on "the hook", don't they? I wonder how many years in advance some people have paid JUST because they respond to one of those every time they come!

I'm with you, though, give me the cheaper magazine and EMAIL me when it's due to renew!