Oct 1, 2005

One week until Memory Trends!

I leave October 9 for Memory Trends! It's probably my favorite trade show because it's JUST memory craft products! I don't have to walk for what seems like miles through the silk flowers, beads, pottery, yarn and fabric like I do when I go to CHA.

I love meeting new vendors and greeting familiar faces! I love the ScrapBiz Member Dinner (especially the cheesecake!). I love spending the evening with ScrapBizzers! This year will bring yet another mix of old and new member/friends! We have a GREAT time together!

I have often said that ScrapBizzers are never alone! You can't go to a single consumer or trade show without being able to meet-up with another Bizzer or two! It's amazing to me how instant the friendship is!

Counting down... Can't wait!!!!

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