Nov 29, 2005


No, I am not in despair. I'm talking about Despair, Inc - one of my favorite Christmas catalogs. It makes my dh and I laugh until we cry.

Have you ever seen those silly motivational posters on office walls? They are usually ultra-cheesy. Well, Despair, Inc takes those to a new low. They create DE-motivational posters and calendars. I have gotten the calendar for my dh but he never has the nerve to put it up on his office wall.

One of the treats you get when you order from them are de-motivational emails that basically say things like, "We'll get your order to you as slowly as possible - you only paid $3 for shipping - what did you expect?" Read through their site - it'll make you LOL!

In the stacks and stacks of catalogs I get every year around Christmas, this is the only one I look forward to sitting down with! The calendars make GREAT gifts - just don't give one to your boss - LOL!

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