Nov 21, 2005


I altered my first clipboard today! It was really fun! I picked up these 5x7 inch clipboards at Daiso - a new Japanese discount store in a mall near me. This store ROCKS! They have a clipper tool like Around the Block has AND they have cool brightly colored plastic clips to go with it! They also have these little clipboards in about three mini-sizes. SO COOL! I thought of a BUNCH of things to do with them:

  1. Print out mini calendar pages and slip under the clip. Add heavy magnets to the back for a fridge or filing cabinet calendar
  2. Slip a photo under the clip and put the magnets on it for a picture holder
  3. Cut scratch paper for under the clip and use it as a memo pad
  4. Turn it sideways and make mini-scrapbook pages to slip under the clip for a mini-album

I am going to crank out a bunch of these for Christmas. I better go buy them tomorrow before the rest of the local scrapbooking gang discovers how much fun stuff is at the store that can be used to scrap!

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