Dec 21, 2005

Six Degrees of Separation...

The scrapbook industry isn't all that big. I constantly run into people who ask what I do and when I describe my business, they say, "Hey! Do you know my friend (insert well-known name here)?" A couple of weeks ago, I went out to lunch with my dh, his boss and his boss's wife. I knew that his boss' wife was a scrapper so I, naturally, took a little gift of scrapbook stuff. After talking about my business for a minute, she said, "My friend, Joy, works for EK Success". She was referring to Joy McDonnell, EK's "face" on all the scrap shows. Lisa used to work at Joy's store in VA.

Then, on another recent occasion, someone said they had seen the article about me in the December Costco magazine. She didn't realize what my business was - she thought I was a scrapbook consultant. She said, "Do you know my cousin? She started DJ Inkers."

The Primedia Ad rep I work with happens to also be Lisa Bearnson's sister. It goes on and on...

I swear you could play "Six Degrees of Separation" and connect many, many people in the scrapbook industry. Somebody always seems to know someone else who is related to or lives next door to or went to school with one of the industry lumiaries.

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