Dec 31, 2005


HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can't believe another year has raced by. Some of us at ScrapBiz arrived in 2006 eariler than others. Kath, our ScrapBiz Australia Coordinator, got to 2006 a day earlier than the rest of us - she assures us that 2006 is going to be a great year!

I am gearing up to attend CHA next month - I can't wait! I have been unable to go the past 2 years and I am excited to be able to attend!

We will also be launching our new website in the coming weeks. We are fine-tuning it with our web designers to get everything cleaned-up. It will be a COMPLETELY new look! I am SO EXCITED about it!

With the launch of the website, we will also be launching our new product - THE BEST OF SCRAPBIZ - Volume 1. It will be a sampling of our monthly newsletter - ScrapBizness, PLUS an excerpt from our Business Start-Up Guide. It will be a great way to find out more about ScrapBiz if you have been thinking of joining but wanted to know more about us first.

I always love starting a new year - it's such a fresh start! Today, I spent much of the day cleaning out my scrapbook stuff. I have WAAAAAY too much and I was in the mood to brutally sort it today (usually I pretend like I'm getting rid of stuff, but I really don't - I admit it, I'm a scrap pack-rat!). After I get my Christmas decorations put away, I think I'm due for a scrap night/tag sale at my house with friends.

Anyway, Happy New Year to you. Or, should I say "SCRAPPY" New Year?!

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Michelle W. said...

Happy new year! Love your blog.