Jan 6, 2006

Google Earth

WOW! My kids had me download Google Earth last night. We spent over an hour "touring" the hotspots on earth. We went to London, Sydney, New York and even Grandma's house! Who knew that Buckingham palace was square with a large courtyard in the center! And, I didn't know that my neighbor across the street had a POOL!! Gotta get to know them better - LOL!

Anyway, it's like buzzing the earth in an airplane. It's COOL!
You can zoom in on your house (you can look up addresses in the US and Canada) and print out an arial shot! What a cool thing to use on a scrapbook page about your home! Years ago, my parents had friends who had paid about $300 for an arial shot of their property. They were so proud of the shot that they framed it and hung it on their wall. Now I can print out the same thing for free!

Check out Google Earth - you'll be amazed as you fly around the earth visiting all the places you'd love to see! Those screen shots would make unique embellishments for travel pages!


melissa said...

how awesome!-I will have to check that out :)

briarrose86304 said...

I love google earth! It's addicting!

Michelle W. said...

Kim! TFS! Sounds so cool.


Carlo Alberto said...

This is a collection of beautiful italian places.